My first night with AIR

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My first night with AIR

Postby overloadnn » Sun Oct 10, 2010 1:11 pm

Last night Air played in Buenos Aires and it was one of the most beautiful nights of my life.
I went with my brother, we both listen to Air since Moon Safari (or Premier Synthoms!) so it's almost 15 years we are dreaming about watching Air playing live.
They are AMAZING. The crowd was huge (thousands of people) and JB & Nicholas's charisma shine throught the night.
Watching JB play surrended by keyboards, singing, in smiling was increidible. Nicholas spoke a lot (a little little spanish and most in english). They promised to come back and hopefully play in a theater in not in the open.

I decided not to take my camera to completely enjoy the show so I'm trying to remember the set list. I'll post it later. Althought they didn't play "So light is her footfall" they played some "oldies" that I didn't expect like "Je dormi sous.." and "Remember"... ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

Even thought we were in an open field, the sound was excellent, and I was lucky to be very close to the stage. It was a little cold but when Air got to the stage the weather seemed to change ;) Before AIR, Juana Molina (I recomend her) wasn't so lucky and she could play the guitar as fast as she wanted because her fingers where frozen!

THANKS AGAIN AIR for your beautiful music, your magical sound and for coming to Argentina. I hope will meet again soon.
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Re: My first night with AIR

Postby Reve » Fri Jul 31, 2020 3:28 am

The first time I met the boys from Air was in Toronto. I think it was before 2005. I was with a good friend and the whole concert hall was filled with good healthy vibes. After the music had ended most left for home. My friend and I decided to wait to see them come out the stage door to sign autographs. We got to talk with them, especially after they saw we weren't autograph hunters. I recall being enthusiastic about how Moon Safari really hit the nail of the proverbial head. They must have enjoyed our conversation because they invited us to come in to relax. I was actually so surprised that our groove was so relatable, that we moved on the same wavelength, that I became humbled. We declined the offer and made our way home. Did I mention we found a couple girls that were cool with us so we left with them. What would have happened if we could have hung out?
The companions were nothing but vanished ghosts by the end of the night. But that night and Air are still with me.
If I could play music, I would play like them. :)
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