Repost of AIR interviews

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Repost of AIR interviews

Postby irem77 » Tue Aug 10, 2004 7:36 pm

hi all

here a repost of AIR interviews: (KCRW, 13. Mai 2004) Very good Videointerview, Air played Talkie Walkie Track and more Live in the Studio) ... nd&network
(, November 2003) Good Videointerview (Eins Live, 26. Juni 2002) ... 02/air.ram (BBC, Februar 2004) ... rview.html (If you don't know this one..... you have to watch it) (ABC, 05. April 2004) Telefoninterview ... tart=34:29 (Here and now, 21. April 2004) (KCRW) Very good Videointerview, Air played LiveTracks from the 10,000 Hz Legend album ... am/air.ram

if you find more live interviews..... please post them....

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