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Air´s Video secrets

Postby waiu » Fri Mar 18, 2005 1:59 pm

From the Air FAQ:
Who plays Kelly in the video?
Her name is unknown but she was a student, not a professional model or actress, and was spotted by Mike Mills in The Viper Rooms as being ideal for the video.

Who is her opponant?
Nothing more is known about her other than in the video she is identified as Smith, presumably a reference to Jaclyn Smith who played Kelly Garrett in Charlie's Angels.

Dirty Thib said, that the kelly actress is sophia coppola, but i don´t believe that. She looks different. I can imagine, that the FAQ is right.

And the FAQ also says, that the All i need Video was shot in Catriona/California. But i can´t find any information about that (there has to be a skatepark somewhere...)
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