Depending on the skills you pick for your players

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Depending on the skills you pick for your players

Postby Gamerzone » Fri Jan 18, 2019 7:58 am

Attribute caps are the highest peak at which your participant can attain in a certain attribute. Currently, the max you are in a position to do to almost any attribute is 25, which is extremely hard to hit. If you are able to receive an attribute rating of 25 to get a skill, this usually means you have completely maxed out this feature, and NBA 2K MT will not gain any expansion from putting energy and time within that attribute. As seen from the picture below, picking certain abilities will allow for varying attribute caps in the start.

Attribute Caps vary depending on the skills you pick for your players. For instance, if you pick protecting and driving/finishing as your skills for your center, your attribute caps will swing more towards defensive features, such as obstructing and lateral quickness, and a couple of others.Another thing which determines attribute caps is the player height. This may come as a shock, however it does make sense if you consider it. You have to discover the sweet spot of peaks when creating your own players. Each position has a different sweet height which will help to maximise the characteristic caps.

The last influence of Attribute Caps is the position itself. Particular skill mixes work better with different positions. For instance, a power forward has better skill combinations which work for them than with a middle, for instance.Unfortunately, you are unable to max out all of the attributes. As you start maxing out your attributes, you are going to wind up having bigger weaknesses from another blamed areas. A few skill mixes will give you four to five that are maxed out, with the rest taking an intense dip. On the reverse side, reddit game discuss different mixtures may also offer you somewhat more moderate attribute scores, but are more balanced. It is up to you to decide how you want to design your group.
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