[PLEASE READ] The end is the beginning is the end

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[PLEASE READ] The end is the beginning is the end

Postby waiu » Wed Sep 16, 2020 9:01 am

Hey everybody,

waiu here! its been a long time talking to all of you...
This board and all of you wonderful people will always be a part of my identity.

Sorry to say, but Airfrenchband.org will soon be deleted from the worldwideweb by the end of october 2020.

But it won´t be deleted from our heart... all of you please feel my love.
There are so many wonderful memories and people i met through this project.
I am very proud of this commnunity...


waiu aka. stefan zissou aka stefan schröder

check out my lyrics page:
on facebook you can find me as "Stefan Zissou"!
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