Elsword adds its first major update following the launch on

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Elsword adds its first major update following the launch on

Postby Gamerzone » Fri Jan 18, 2019 8:02 am

Gameforge has announced that its MMO Beat'em up in manga style and free-to-play, Elsword, that started its journey on Steam on June 14, has the first big update.With the upgrade of June 28, the third course changes will come to the match for several of the characters, beginning with the first of three paths.

As a result of the change of class it will be possible to convert, for instance, the course"Grand gentleman (transcendence)" of Elsword ED from the class"Royal gentleman". The new classes are even quicker and more powerful, and promise even more fun.In addition to the prospect of class change there will be novelties from the storyline: with the update, the narrative will continue to advance. Continue the battle against the Order of Henir!

The reversal of course and also the continuation of this story will be available to all players starting at level 99. To be able to carry out the course change, players might have to finish a mission that will take them to the stage"Forgotten Sanctuary of Elian". This cavern, after imbued with all the strength of EL, was uncovered through the violent battle at the Torre del éldrit. Another feature that will be included are the over 1,600 new accessories that will be inserted to the Magic Cabinet.

KOG Games today announced the launch of Elsword's newest character, Ain. For the very first time in KOG history, a character is being launched within a week of his launching on the home host in Korea. Fundamentally, Ain is completely unknown and he is shaking things up around the globe!

Ain is a unorthodox caster class. Once in-game, it is clear that he practices magical on another degree that Elsword players've experienced before.

He doesn't need to keep enemies at bay with his magical. Rather, Ain retains his opponents right where he wants them, and that's where he decides they will need to be. Ain is all about controlling his opponent's position by restricting their choices.

Ain has an all new, special system which allows him to alter his assault method with two entirely different modes:Cycle Mode enables Ain to get to his skills faster by lowering the cooldown and MP expense of all his skills. Furthermore, in addition, it endows Ain having the capacity to dash through the air, at lightning speed, and break out of enemy combos in half the price. Creation Mode enhances all of Ain's combos and controls. This gives him the ability to cope immense damage by infusing his strikes with heavenly firepower.
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