Concerts you've been to (not just AIR) and how they rank...

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Concerts you've been to (not just AIR) and how they rank...

Postby donato » Fri Jun 06, 2008 1:55 am

From a 1-10 scale, 5 being average.

Air/Sebastien Tellier 2001 shows- 10

Air/Mosquito 2004 shows- 8.5

Radiohead/Beta Band/Kid Koala 2001- 9

Broadcast 2003- 8

Blue States 2002- 3

Stereolab 2001- 2

Blonde Redhead 2005- 8

Album Leaf 2001-2002 shows- 6.5

Thievery Corporation 2002- 7

LTJ Bukem 2002- 7

Travis/Remy Zero 2000- 1

As you can see I haven't been to any good or big name shows in a loooong while. I'll think of more later; that's all I can remember for now. Not all the dates are entirely accurate either.
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Postby Stratos » Fri Jun 06, 2008 9:35 am

I recently enjoyed a Schiller concert in Stuttgart ... for me, it's playing in the same league as Air!!!

Any other Schiller Fans here ? They are still on tour throughout Germany ...
Thank god there's Air.
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